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translation services

You are at a right place. We handle translation in English and all Indian languages. Our team of experts are native speakers and highly experienced.

COrpora maintenance

We are working on the parallel corpora in all the Indian languages along with English so that it can be used to build the Machine Translation System.

Content Development

Our team is continuously working on content development in various Indian languages so that useful applications can be developed out of it.


In website translation, we always focus on repeating the key words you see as important. We know that the text of a website can contribute to effective positioning in search engines for current and future clients.

language technology

It includes research in computational linguistics & development of real-world applications like grammar checkers, proofreading tools, information retrieval engines, speech recognition and synthesis, machine translation & intelligent systems.


We develop Chatbots which automate FAQ's, customer support, service enquiries etc. based on the website content & the customer's need. We use Natural Language Processing & Natural language generation for developing chatbots.


Transcription involves being attentive to a recording of one thing and writing the contents up into a document, that is then came back to the consumer, giving them a written account of what's on the recording.


Editing and proofreading will involve in depth editing of sentences, however it always focuses on sentences or maybe smaller components of the text. Editing and Proofreading is that the end step writers bear to make certain that the text is respectable.


Megh team of highly qualified specialists will be happy to type up your texts. We have experience with various documents, This applies to anything from contracts to letters to movie scripts, even handwritten texts etc.